Spain's olive oil and passion = health in balance

Premium quality Organic extra virgin olive oil and passion for quality, get my mood in the top, are you curious about quality?

Christina ElverFoto: Josemaria- and Soledad Serrano-López and Christina Elver, oliveoile Sommelier.

Soledad Serrano-López and her brother Josemaria, tells about organic high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

At their historic olive oil farm Finca Duernas, Organic Highlands extra virgin olive oil is produced in high quality, I come back with it with Highland olive oils, follow OliveoilCph On FB

Organic olive fruit in the variants Picual and Arbequina, harvested early and olive oil wins many quality awards. Arbequina works for delicious dishes and desserts with its mild sweetness and Picual ´ S Medium-robust impact on taste senses goes well to more robust raw materials such as Vegetables And oily fish, you are curious Aroma, taste and use of olive oils?

There are 100 + varieties of olives in Spain

About 24 of the more than 100 olive fruit varieties that are available in Spain are used to produce olive oil and they are especially special tastes and therefore fit different foods.

Used properly, high-quality extra virgin olive oil can transform even the most boring tomato into a gourmet experience while contributing to a life and health in balance. Therefore, it is important to use the various extra virgin olive oils properly for its food. Are you interested in a Healthy Health in Balance and inspiration for Recipes?

Reduce fat in your blood by 14-25%

Yes high quality extra virgin olive oil is Super Healthy and prevents more serious illnesses.

Do you have diabetes type 2, daily intake of high-quality extra virgin olive oil can reduce fat in the blood by 14-25% and increase the good cholesterol HDL by 8-12 %. Without side effects!


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Olive Grove at Finca Duernas, Cordoba for more than 200 years

About 3000 years ago, the city was baptized Corteba (Córdoba). On Fenitian, Corteba(After Córdoba) means Olive mill and we can thank the Romans for having developed the olive oil culture that was originally brought here from Greece.

Soledad and her brother Josemaria4. Generation of SerranosLópez The family, they are like their ancestors olive oil producer here on top of Spain's southern olive-heart, about 20 minutes from Córdoba.

At Finca Duernas Olive groves, SerranosLopes The family produced olive oil for more than 200 years.

The Spanish Civil War, from 1936-1939, left poverty.

The Spanish Civil War under Franco from 1936-1939, put their distinct traces.

Fortunately, a large proportion of Picual olive trees and the facilities and old trees survive still high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

It was their grandfather who in 1941 rebuilt the impressively beautiful farm, with stones and materials from the area. He invested in houses for the families who lived in Finca Duernas, especially during the harvest season, but not only is also a church, a school for the children, kitchen and dining facilities and even a small shoe-repair shop all together for the "big family" who lived on Farm. Everyday food was made for everyone and a water-boy brought water into the clay pots for those who harvested the olives.

In 1994, the Serranos plantedLópez, Arbequina olive trees and they have the last many years produced high quality extra virgin olive oil that wins many international quality prizes.

6% of the world's olive groves are driven Organic

Families Serrano-López has chosen ecology on a part of their land.

At present, 1% of the planet's cultivated land, grown with olive trees, is equivalent to 11.4 million hectares. In relation to agricultural land, olive trees are the most dominant crop on Earth, after full of wine. The olive groves are spread over 57 countries and 5 continents, to the delight of many, at least 6% of the olive groves are driven organically.

(Kilde: Juan Vilar Hernándes, Strategy consultant Specializing in olive oil)


Olive Grove, Serrano-López family, Finca Duernas, Spain. Harvesting of Arbequina olives near the Gualalquivir river, south of Cordoba in Spain. In Roman times, The Gualalquivir river used to transport olive oil further into the world


Viewpoint, Finca Duernas

Familien Serrano-López Olive GroveWhy is organic extra virgin olive oil an advantage?

According to FIBL-IFOAM The World of Organic Agriculture 2017. Denmark has on a global level, the largest consumption of organic products. And Denmark is number 2 regarding consumption of organic products per person.

Very impressively positive, I think we should be proud of this, in our little beautiful Denmark. Where we have to import healthy olive oil from the Mediterranean countries, as we cannot produce it ourselves.

You can read more about olive trees and climate here

Ecology, a positive option

Organic production of extra virgin olive oil has gained ground in recent years but is not the review method and the surrounding producers seemed to the family Serrano-Lopes Was something out of the ordinary when they reorganized a large part of their production into ecology.

However, as Jose tells, the sprays used for conventional production will end partly in the soil and partly in the olives.

And what is in the olive fruit yes it ends up in their fresh extra virgin olive oil juice and family Serrano-Lopes, would like to produce exclusive extra virgin olive oil that is pure nature.

Organic olive oil plantation, why?

For the olive trees and ultimately the high-quality extra virgin olive oil, there are good and bad insects, good and bad birds, and good and bad herbs on the soil around the olive trees.

During my visit, Soledad and Jose are telling anecdotes from the time of childhood when birds and the owl spout could be heard in olive groves. As Josemaria Then, conventional agriculture leaches the soil and provokes erosion in the dry and bare soil when rain and heatwaves warmer than hitherto experienced blows across Spain.

Organic farming maintains a soil rich in minerals and nutrients and results in sustainable production.

The family wants to leave a land in balance for children and grandchildren, where insects, rabbits, and birdlife can unfold their wings.

oliventræ økologisk

Olive tree with natural insect trap. For the organic production of extra virgin olive oil

Can you taste an extra virgin olive oil is organic?

I myself can only speak for myself and no I will not claim that I can.

But you can easily taste the difference between fresh olive juice made from different olive varieties, from different areas. That's why it's a good idea to get yourself into which olive oil you should use for different foods, See Recipes and Inspiration

Why Choose Organic Extra virgin olive oil?

Because of that:

  • We human beings should think and take care of our planet.
  • We must take care of the animals that live on the planet, there has been talk of the bees being endangered, think just about what will happen if all the plants that require pollination from the bees disappear...
  • Food without poison, whether it can be tasted or not, keeps our health in balance
  • If the earth is in balance, then our health is in balance
  • Why not choose Organic extra virgin olive oil?

Why can conventionally-driven olive groves create an imbalance in nature?

Yes, there are many different views and answers to what we were talking about was that, on conventional olive groves, for example, no grass, herbs, and shrubs are around the olive trees and therefore it is minimal with insects and animals. During heavy rain and high temperatures, it can cause problems as soil erodes easily, as there is neither grass nor herb to soak up the water and protect against the sun's rays. And then there are all the toxins that are sprayed with...

Look for the International quality label "SIQEV"

In order to provide consumers with the security to buy a fresh extra-virgin olive oil of high quality with good aroma and flavor, and the herbal substances that are healthy for health. You can look for the International quality label "SIQEV" Follow me on the Face book where I will announce the blog News of "SIQEV".

The International Quality label is a voluntary labeling scheme and producers will receive a U-announced verification visit for each production. The brand gives the consumer an assurance that you buy a fresh high-quality extra virgin olive juice.