Intens+ Olive Oil BIO Hojiblanca Morellana

Among the best organic EVOO, PDO. The olives are handpicked and are pressed within 4 hours. 

  • Harvested October 2017 durable to 29-05-2019.
  • Free fatty acids: 0.14%
  • Peroxide: 4.00 Meq The2/kg
  • Polyphenols:
  • E vitamin:
  • Spain, Andalusia, Baena, Luque
  • Great for e.g. grilled and roasted meat and vegetables, pasta, bread, salads

Shelf life: 18 months from the day the olive oil is bottled.

Taste and aroma

  • An intense + olive oil produced at olive Hojiblanca.
  • The aroma is fresh and intensely fruity with a scent of fresh green grass and olive leaves.
  • The taste is in a League of its own and you can experience the intense bitterness from green olives.
  • A spicy olive oil with notes of apple and with a finish of pepper.

Use in the kitchen

Food that has the intensity and character

  • Fried and grilled dishes of meat, poultry, and vegetables,
  • whole wheat bread and pasta
  • Rich cheese
  • beans, lentils, and legumes