Mild Olive Oil BIO Arbequina Oleum

1 hour from the olive fruit is picked for the olive oil is ready

  • 1st Kold press Spanish, Andalusian EVOO
  • SIQEV labeled a guarantee of fresh quality
  • Harvested October 2017 durable 01-07-2019
  • Free acids (fruit quality): 0.2% (IOC-Standart max 0.8%)
  • Peroxid: 4,7 Meq o2/kg
  • Voksindhold
  • UV-absorbans
  • Polyphenols: 400-600 average

Great for e.g. shrimp, seafood, white fish, tomato, soups, pesto, deserter

Taste and aroma

A mild olive oil produced on the olive variety Arbequina.

The flavor is mild and fruity; the mind is drawn to apples and fresh almonds.

The taste has a fruity sweetness with notes of banana and tomato, the aftertaste is pepperisch, a bit more pronounced than in the Manzanilla olive oil.

Use in the kitchen

Is recommended for delicate dishes, food that has a mild and delicate taste, the dishes will be raised to a gourmet experience

  • Shrimp, seafood, white fish
  • Green salads, white asparagus, fruit salads,
  • White bread, pasta, rice, cereals
  • Oatmeal and other types of cores pudding
  • Desserts, cake recipes
  • Delicate dishes, Pesto dressing