Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Premium Quality at Olive Oil Copenhagen

Medium-Intens BIO Picual Envero

  • First Koldpresning and Premium Quality
  • 1 hour from the olive fruit is picked for the olive oil is ready
  • Harvested October 2017 durable to 01-06-2019
  • SIQEV labeled a guarantee of quality
  • Free acids (fruit quality): 0.2% (IOC-Standart max 0.8%)
  • Peroxide:
  • Vax:
  • UV-absorbans:
  • polyphenols:

Perfect for tomatoes, vegetables, salads, bread, grilled and fried dishes

Taste and aroma

An intense olive oil produced on the olive variety ‘ Envero’ Picual

  • Aroma and flavor are fruity and reminiscent of freshly cut green grass followed by fruit notes as banana and apple culminating in mind on tomato plants and green almonds.
  • The taste has character is complex and has intensity; it is balanced between bitterness and pepper strength and quits of flavor notes of green almonds.

Use in the kitchen

Food which has strength and complex flavor will be raised to a gourmet experience

  • Grilled and fried dishes
  • wholegrain bread, cereals,-cores
  • Salads with tomatoes and vegetables
  • Cheese in any context